The Colours You See

  “the sky looks so blue”–but is it really blue?

what i have been wondering is that we all see different colours…well duh of course we do….but what if …the colours you see are actually different colours for others?

for example …take the colour blue…what if the things that are seen blue by you is actually red for others or white or any other colour and they might know it as blue only but just another colour…

not clear?….well….like for instance you say that the sky looks blue…but the other person sees it as black at the same time…..or the colour of your phone is white but other people see it as violet or any other shade…

this is possible and there is no possible way to prove this as nobody can describe what a colour looks like…some people may see white as yellow and you might not even know as it is natural for the other person to actually see the yellow…and even as i am saying this all of you might see different colours in these words and it is natural for you to see so…

give this a thought .. i have wondered about it for quite a long time…please comment what you think…


3 thoughts on “The Colours You See

  1. Well I watched an episode of brain games about colors and it was discovered that no color is absolute that we see colors in things but that’s now the way It truly is. I bet that confirms your thought, you could check it out

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