The Reality

Do ever think about your existence or what your purpose in this life is?..well have you ever wondered about your creator…the one you call ‘God’….or have you ever questioned the reality of your situation?…what if you have been living a lie your whole life and nothing you know  is true?…what if you are dreaming all this and one day when you will die…you will really wake up into a dystopian world where nothing seems logical…what if your whole life is just a television series for another higher class existance?…


14 thoughts on “The Reality

  1. Even though I am a Christian and know without a doubt that there is a God – and I won’t go into that any further – I do tend to have these rather “odd” existential thoughts also. As in, what if I just had a fatal accident and I don’t know I am dead yet but think I am still driving this car but I’m not…

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      1. making things seem real is the power of illusions/delusions…within a 100 years we invented what people thought were impossible…we travel in space and all of that…nobody knkws if after a 100 years there could be something that can make you feel evthing real while maybe you are fast asleep or even dead(watch vanilla sky…starring.tom cruise)…after all its just a theory

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  2. The Matrix… this line of thinking is popular, and becomes more so as we expand our ability to process information at ever increasing speed. It has been played with since time immemorial and has possessed various forms such as Earth is Hell, Existence is artificial save for the Observer and Buddhist belief in reincarnation until you get it right. These are indeed fun exercises. But I always find myself back to Aristotle. A=A. Reality is Real. We are simply receivers of information and it is up to you to determine it’s Quality… Quality equaling Applicability as defined by you for you. I’ll enjoy watching where you go with this blog. Cheers – Mike

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    1. yes exactly mike…the quality of reality is upto us to determine…its nothing but just a theory…its depends upon people to people in what they believe…i start all my lines with what if…and at the end of the day im nothing but a person living his regular the ‘reality’…sometimes its just our lack of information about this world is what makes us tick…and we begin to wonder about possibilities about our existance

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      1. “sometimes its just our lack of information about this world is what makes us tick…”

        It’s that “lack of information” and our odd drive to defend ourselves from gaining it which can manifest itself as all tick and no talk.

        Quality is the Invisible Hand that Smith identifies and the variable Kant/Pirsig miss completely. It is up to all of us, as individuals, to define it for ourselves… daily. It’s is situational and to be determined at the point of necessity… which is also to be determined by the individual. I’ll leave you alone for a while. Like I said, I’ll enjoy seeing where you go.

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    1. Although J.J. Thomson is generally credited with creating the first proposed model of the atom, there were many scientists who also advanced the concept of the atom and the electron. Some of these scientists include Max Planck, John Dalton, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford and Niels Bohr. Theories of the atom continue to advance in the 21st century….nobody created it…but people found about using the microscope


  3. Don’t believe in god, or universal truth. Personal truth and the idea that we are a game, hologram, living on a prison planet, not living at all…all work for me. I think “reality” is elastic and changes constantly. All of us are living in a different reality, according to our world-views, beliefs, etc., and in the end, we are mostly mental images using bodies to get us from one place to another. 🙂 Our bodies are like cars, the driver is something we don’t fully understand because we can’t actually see thought.

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