Things Beyond Us

Have you ever looked to the sky …wondering about where we are or what we mean in this life.

well i do…and after all this time of going through my school books of chemistry …i have come to a conclusion–surely you can understand that our solar system is similar to the structure of an atom..considering that…our sun is the neucleus and the planets-electrons,but in this whole universe there are a lot of solar systems…well then there are also many atoms present in matter…what i am trying to say is that —

what if we …not just us but all the constituents of this universe is just a part of a matter or substance…like what if we are actually a part of a nail used by a bigger existance and we are just invisible to them as we are in atomic level…

similarly what if in our current present world…these atoms contain even smaller beings…and this cycle is endless…just a possibility of a multiple existance in a single universe…and each different existance in every atom and that makes more than 1000000000 possible existances in just the place where you are standing and reading this blog….

Give this a thought ….and thank you for reading this…i greatly appreciate that you have given this theory a read..


11 thoughts on “Things Beyond Us

  1. i agree with you but what if …they have already come and live among us or what if they have done giving us a visit and wont come back…the same way we wont visit the moon anymore


  2. I was playing with the same idea for a while, until I learned that the behaviour of electrones is as far away from the behaviour of planets as it could possibly be… Electrones follow thre rules of cuantum mechanics. Complicated stuff with totally different rules. Still an amusing thought, though;)

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  3. This was represented in the movie Men in Black (not sure which one). The necklace on the cat contained mutiple galaxies. It was trippy to think about.

    What if you are right? How does it impact your worldview and what you do with your life?

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    1. it was in the first movie…btw that necklace contained the galaxies of our universe…and was dimensionaly captured in the necklace…but here im talking about a whole new universe in the sub-atomic level…in fact this applies to our universe too….(watch ant-man)…i dont know if i am right…after all its just a theory😊


  4. I think we are someone’s science experiment and we’re in a huge aquarium. We have no idea what’s possible…which makes every/anything possible. String theory is all about different dimensions inside differ dimensions. You could be right but there’s just so much going on and we don’t actually know know anything. We don’t even know the right questions to ask, which is frustrating and fun at the same time.

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      1. 🙂 I think about things like this ALL the time. Read everything I can but it’s all speculation, since we have no idea what’s real. The funniest thing is that people read books on life after death, they believe what churches say about life after death and NO ONE knows a single thing about life after death. Near Death Experiences are personal and we don’t know what they mean. I’ve had weird experiences in my life, that’s for sure, but we don’t know what that means, or who, or what, those things are. I’ve heard incredible stories from others about strange things and I love all of them but we don’t have a clue, we can only guess at what’s going on. We are ISOLATED and stuck on a ball spinning through space (at least we think we are) and we are but a dust speck in the scheme of things and yet we spend all of our time KILLING everything around us. Prison planet? Mental institution? Maybe, but I’m sticking with experiment because if it were the other two, something would have just killed all of us. If there’s something, somewhere who could have done it. Maybe they still can.

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